“Lora pours herself into a story. While she catches typos and copy errors, she has other profound gifts for seeing the intricate details as well as the full essence of characters, plot, story, and settings. She edits as much as she nurtures the story, making sure all the elements come alive on the page–and that they remain consistent from start to finish. It’s the kind of editing that can transform a good book into a great book. I highly recommend Lora’s work.”

~ Sibella Giorello, award-winning journalist (including two nominations for the Pulitzer) and highly-acclaimed, award-winning writer of several bestselling novels. Visit her at SibellaWrites.com

“It’s not easy to find an editor who cares as much about your novel as you do, but Lora is a real gem. She knows her stuff, and she goes far and beyond the call of duty to make your novel the best that it can be. If you’re looking for someone to partner with to get your ‘baby’ in tip-top shape, someone who will be honest but kind, someone who’ll be there to offer clarity among the confusion, then look no further.”

~ MaryLu Tyndall, highly-acclaimed historical fiction author of multiple bestselling novels and novellas. Visit her at MaryLuTyndall.com

“I have worked with many editors over my writing career and it is rare to find someone with Lora’s gift of seeing the true heart of a book and the heart of each and every character. She provides detailed feedback that includes the logic behind her comments and goes the extra mile to offer wonderful suggestions on making changes. She doesn’t try to change an author’s voice and is a great encourager with her positive feedback. And if that’s not enough, she works quickly to meet the author’s deadline, and she is diligent to meet her deadlines as well. I know that my books are far better for Lora’s wonderful touch, and I am so thankful to call her my editor!”

Susan Sleeman
~ Susan Sleeman, bestselling author of over thirty Christian/inspirational and clean reads romantic suspense and mysteries and has sold over a million books. Visit her at: SusanSleeman.com & TheSuspenseZone.com

“Lora is not only a terrific story editor, she’s a terrific encourager as well. Her suggestions and edits on my novel, Awakening, were incredibly helpful, especially in creating more character depth and emotion. She reads carefully and thoroughly, and has an eye for the small details as well as the high-level principles needed to make a story sing. I highly recommend her work.”

~ Tracy Higley, bestselling author of thirteen novels, three novellas, and nonfiction instructional books. Visit her at TracyHigley.com

“I feel like I found a gem when I hired Lora as an editor! Her attention to detail, her keen eye, her encouragement, and personal touch make her fabulous to work with.”

~ Katie Ganshert, award-winning author of several inspirational novels and novellas, dystopian young adult novels, and Daily Guideposts contributor. Visit her at KatieGanshert.com

“I heartily commend Lora to professional writers. She is personable, unpretentious, and proficient.

· She generously devotes time and attention to the writers she selects.
· I found her diligence and attention to detail quite gratifying.
· Her theological depth and balance far exceeded my expectations.
· She affirms good work, but doesn’t hesitate to challenge her authors.
· Her fees are well worth the investment.

Professional writers highly value Lora’s editing services. If you can secure them, you will be more than pleased with the results.”
~ Dr. Michael C. Loehrer.

Dr. Loehrer writes instructional books focusing on scriptural solutions to everyday problems. He brings wisdom, direction, and hope to his readers.