Books I’ve Edited

Here are some of the published books I’ve edited. I’ve done both substantive editing and copyediting on each of them.

Fiction – Mystery/Suspense

Sibella Giorello – The Stones Cry Out (Christy Award winner)
Sibella Giorello – The Waves Break Gray
Sibella Giorello – The Moon Stands Still
Sibella Giorello – The Wind Will Howl
Robin Caroll – Darkwater Truth
Susan Sleeman – Cold Terror
Susan Sleeman – Cold Truth
Susan Sleeman – Cold Fury
Susan Sleeman – Cold Case
Susan Sleeman – Cold Fear
Susan Sleeman – Cold Pursuit
Susan Sleeman – Cold Dawn
Susan Sleeman – Dead Ringer
Susan Sleeman – Dead Silence
Susan Sleeman – Dead End
Vikki Kestell – Retired Spy (Carol Award finalist)
Vikki Kestell – Spy Resurrected
Tracy Higley – Awakening
MaryLu Tyndall – Tears of the Sea
MaryLu Tyndall – When Angels Cry
Rachel Trautmiller – Threshold of Danger
Rachel Trautmiller – Linked
Rachel Trautmiller – Knight Revival
Bruce Judisch – Quimby Pond
Bruce Judisch – Sandy River

Historical Fiction

MaryLu Tyndall – Charity’s Cross
MaryLu Tyndall – The Redemption
MaryLu Tyndall – The Reliance
MaryLu Tyndall – The Restitution
MaryLu Tyndall – The Ransom
MaryLu Tyndall – The Reckoning
MaryLu Tyndall – The Reckless
Debbie Lynne Costello – Shattered Memories
Linda Brooks Davis – A Christmas Tale for Little Women

Romantic Fiction

Deb and Bruce Potts – Love on Life Support
Susan May Warren – Burnin’ For You
Jenny B. Jones – Sugar Creek Christmas
Talena Winters – The Friday Night Date Dress

YA Fiction

Sibella Giorello – Stone and Spark
Sibella Giorello – Stone and Snow
Sibella Giorello – Stone and Sand
Sibella Giorello – Stone and Sunset
Katie Ganshert – The Gifting
Katie Ganshert – The Awakening
Katie Ganshert – The Gathering
Monica Mynk – Billboard Bride
Monica Mynk – Cocooned
Kenyan Smith – New Beginnings

Nonfiction – Textbook (History)

Joe Giorello – Great Battles for Boys: Ancients to Middle Ages
Joe Giorello – Great Battles for Boys: Bunker Hill to WWI
Joe Giorello – Great Battles for Boys: World War I
Joe Giorello – Great Battles for Boys: WW2 Europe
Joe Giorello – Great Battles for Boys: WW2 Pacific
Joe Giorello – Great Battles for Boys: Civil War
Joe Giorello – Great Battles for Boys: The Korean War

Nonfiction – Christian Teaching

Samantha Mero – Creation and the Flood: A DEEP Study of Genesis 1–11
Samantha Mero – Creation and the Flood: Workbook and Leader’s Guide
Samantha Mero – Abraham: A DEEP Study of Genesis 11–25
Samantha Mero – Abraham: Workbook and Leader’s Guide
Dr. Michael Loehrer – Hebrews
Dr. Michael Loehrer – Larger Than Life
Dr. Michael Loehrer – Porch Talk with Gramps on Parenting

Nonfiction – Instructional

Susan May Warren – The Story Equation
Tracy Higley – Impactivity

Autobiographies / Biographies / Memoirs

Michelle Weidenbenner – Fractured Not Broken
Judy Morford Albert – Awake My Love
Julia Margaret – Strong Women Cry Too

Other Publications

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